12 Days into my study abroad..

So I’m a little behind in blogging. I didn’t have much time at XNA to even think about getting my laptop out as I spent as much time as possible with the kids before going through security. My sister gave me snacks to bring with me on my trip and security took my pudding cups!! Who knew that was considered a liquid?? (Oh and peanut butter too). So when we arrived in Chicago I thought I would have time to get online but little did I know there’s not free wifi in that huge airport so no computer time for the 7 1/2 hours we were there. I remember feeling really really nervous as this HUGE plane enters the area and I figure out that is the plane I’m fixing to get on. I have never been on such a BIG plane before.

The family (minus 1)
The family (minus 1)
The HUGE plane

Once abroad the plane, I ended up with a window seat and one other seat beside me that just so happened to be empty. I thought cool I can sleep, yea right. It really didn’t get too dark and of course I was too excited and it was only like 9pm central time.

Beautiful view almost the whole way
Beautiful view almost the whole way

When we landed in Dublin, Ireland we did the normal go through customs, get our bags, and wait on a bus to pick us up. We went to UCD (University College Dublin) to get our rooms and the people ahead of us was late checking out so we had to wait. The faculty members took us for a walk around campus and once we got checked into our rooms, got our bus passes and “burner” phones we headed into City Centre. We walked around there for a bit and came back to our dorms for much needed sleep!!

The last couple of weeks we’ve gone to classes, businesses and learned so much about their culture and business practice. The people here are so nice. They really enjoy their sports too (that their athletes do not get paid to play). There’s a soccer match tomorrow between Ireland and Scotland, so we’ve seen lots of guys in kilts today!! Whatever you do, don’t ask what’s under them!!


9 days, 6 hours, 2 minutes before my first flight takes off..but who’s counting??

Good Morning everyone,

My children and I are making a game counting the days down before mom leaves. I am super excited that after tonight my children will be home with me for the reminder of my time here at home. They are in shock that it is so close, but to me it still seems like forever away.
I’ve had my bag packed for about a week now. I do, however, have to unpack and repack because we always pack way too much the first time. That job will come back to haunt me this weekend. The house is spotless clean, for now keeping in mind children do make messes along with animals, and ready for me to come back to a beautiful clean house. I believe that I have all the loose ends concerning my kids, pets, house, bills, etc tied and ready for someone else to take over for a month. I am READY!
Now, we sit and wait. I have a paper to write in the next week to turn in at the airport, a few more luxury items to pack (if they fit), and a lot of good byes left to do.
This weekend is a long weekend with the holiday on Monday that we are going to probably veg out and play the wii together eat some junk and just enjoy our time together. We may even get out the board games and play the classic clue game for fun. The weekend is suppose to be rainy so indoor activities are probably the thing to do. Hey maybe we can have one last camping trip in the living room before we go and roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Oh yea that is suck an amazing idea!
I know this post is so random but my thoughts generally are and as the count down gets closer the more random I get. I am excited for the adventure and experience and I can’t wait to start blogging about what we learn and what we’ve seen for the day. My next blog probably will be while I wait at XNA to board the plane or at Chicago (I’ll have more time there), so I can focus on finishing what I need to get done and spending time with my kids and family.


4 weeks and 61/2 hours


Starting finals this week, then it will be time to start packing and preparing for this experience of a life time. I am both Very nervous and excited. There’s So much to do in So little time. l think my boys are starting to show emotions about mom leaving, but they’ll never really admit to it. Me however, have been caught Crying by them And of Course they hug me then laugh. l am Very honored to be able to embark on this journey, and really without the help from each individual Scholarship and personal donations from friends & family, I wouldn’t be where I’m at or where I’m going. A HUGE Thank You to ALL of You.

The blog is suppose to be about the journey but I feel that the steps leading up to the journey, no matter how emotional or silly it is, is just as important. Thank you again for all the support and encouragement 😉




Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, Accounting Major

Being a part of the faculty-led program to Ireland will give me an insight into the Irish culture, history, as well as international business and the economic environment in the European Union. I will learn firsthand the cultural difference between Irish and American ways of doing business and study Ireland’s relationship with both U.S. and the EU. One of the many reason I chose this program was learning about their booming “Irish Tiger” economy. From 1995-2008 the booming economy made Ireland one of the fastest growing countries. Their economy crashed worse than America’s economy did, during the same era. Accounting-wise, the Irish multinational tax system has many large U.S. companies currently relocating to Ireland.

Scholarships received:
Walton College Study Abroad
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Single Parent Scholarship of Northwest Arkansas